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Best Eclipse Alternatives to Use

Best Eclipse Alternatives to Use

Eclipse is a software development platform that is commonly used by developers. The features of this platform are the main reason behind the popularity of this platform among developers. In this post, I am going to tell you about the best app alternatives.


NetBeans is a free IDE for developing Java applications, including support for HTML5, PHP, C/C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Groovy, and JavaScript. The IDE is available in multiple languages.

NetBeans IDE is a free Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables developers to create, run, debug, and deploy Java applications on all platforms at no cost. The rest of the code is available under the NetBeans Common Public License.

It is an open-source software, and the most powerful IDE with support for more than 20 programming languages with all the functions like code hinting, code completion, code navigation, refactoring, code analyzer, etc.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is the most used IDE for .Net developers. It is an IDE that can be used to create almost all types of applications. It is used by many developers across the world to create many types of applications, both desktop and web-based.

It has many new features, which include better live coding, debugging, unit testing, project editing, NuGet package management, HTML/CSS/JavaScript editing, error analysis, support for Git, etc.


Xcode is a powerful development tool with a sleek interface and a ton of features. It is built by Apple and used by almost all iOS and MacOS developers. Xcode is free, and it is available only on the Mac App Store. It is easy to install and use.

Xcode includes a code editor supporting syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, and code snippets, as well as an interface builder, which is designed for developing graphical user interfaces. Xcode supports the entire lifecycle of an application, including code editing, compilation, debugging, testing, and deployment.

26 Sep 2021